Friday, September 25, 2009

glacial motion concept map

Weekly assignment for Glaciosedimentary class.
The T.A. is such liar. "It'll only take 15 minutes" she says. "It's really straightforward" she says.
This took me HOURS.


  1. Ahaha. That happened to me too. The professor said "it's a short reading. You'll be done in 30min." When I opened the book, I saw like 50pages.

    You have a nice hand writing~ The chart looks artistic too.

  2. Your prof must have the power to speed read haha;u;

    And thank you~~:'D
    My writing is illegibly cryptic most of the times.

  3. What school is this for? It looks very intense and something someone would do for a summary of a MSc or Ph.D thesis. Well done! This gives me an idea to create a similar assignment for my Oceanography class next year.

    Great job done!