Friday, May 14, 2010

Movie and book rambles

I was forced into watching a chick flick today; Letters to Juliet.
Usually I am pretty prejudiced toward romance genres and I try to avoid it at all costs but the movie wasn't half bad.
The grandmother was just so sweet! ;__;
Makes me miss my own grandmother a bit since I see her every 2 or 3 years as she is in China.

Also, finished reading Beatrice and Virgil by Yann Martel.
I'm not quite sure what to think about it as I mourn for the $20 that was wasted on this.
The first 80~100 pages cannot be more DULL. It is basically a manual that explains book making, and I almost put the book down a couple of times. (And I've never gave up on a story like that.)
The remaining 100 pages were somewhat interesting, especially the conversations between Beatrice the donkey and Virgil the howler monkey.
However, the main character who is supposed to be a reflection of Martel himself is an egomaniac, and the taxidermist is a sociopath, both of them being very unlikeable.

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