Saturday, January 16, 2010


*edit* Coloured lineart.
Just how many times can I edit one post hoho~

*edit* reworked an old image and concept. :>

So.... tired..... ~A~ *dozes off*

A 5x7" card for Sophie's letter.
This return letter is terribly late, so I'm going to put many drawings in it to make up for the tardiness.


  1. I love this flowery concept and picture!!! This is simply lovely *-*!!! *very found of flowers and constriction in general*

  2. I see an awesome card :'D
    ohhh can't wait for that lovely letter <3

    the flowers looks nice c:

  3. gorgeous! that first picture is amazing!

  4. Thanks Katie!:>

    @Jun: Thank youu<333 I might draw that as a theme for your bird prince picture then! :D

    @Sophie: Hehe, glad you like it<3 It's a bit darker in real life:> But I *shall* draw you loads more*V*

  5. 0_0 *jaw drop* How did I miss this on dA? I ike the sketc slighty better, but your colors are amazing.