Saturday, March 20, 2010

Speed paint for this portfolio thing.
I don't like to do realistic looking things.
Really, really don't.


  1. somehow...I like your painted version more o3o
    oh realism, bah D: it's evil <<
    yet one day, we must all face it ;u;

    good luck with your portofolio! :>

  2. 8o Thank youuu!<333
    I'm so happy to hear that. It's my first time doing a digital painting of a real person so it's still a bit iffy. *A*

  3. First time painting of a real person?
    As much as you may dislike doing it, this is absolutely amazing!
    Keep up the incredible work <3

  4. Wooww you did a good job!!
    I enjoy doing realism but I can never get my drawing to look like the model. OTL