Wednesday, March 10, 2010

spirit fish

*edit* dA sketch commish of Dr. Who~*3*
Apparently I can't draw anybody younger than 12 and older than 18. lol

Speedpaint with watercolour.
I bought a tube of windsor & newton yellow paint just to see how brandname watercolours could be. It's so... gooey. :'D I still like Yarka St. Petersburg's effect though.

Also, apparently I got a 94 on one of my midterm which is mighty strange. :/ There were 3 sections and I left one section completely blank because I didn't study for it at all.
Maybe the prof took it out...? Or perhaps a typing error. *_* Either way I'm keeping quiet ohoho.

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  1. strange things are afoot! but glad you had some good tidings come your way :)

    doctor who's don't age... i'm glad you were able to give him some fun as a youngster! it's science fiction anyhow, can write whatever comes to mind (or draw)